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Nilufer Yanya's "Tears" is an extra springy, synth-heavy piece of pop perfection

Ladies and gentleman, boy and girls, I am delighted to announce that London’s best-kept secret Nilufer Yanya is less than a month away from releasing her debut album Miss Universe. Yes, that’s a long time from now, but at least we’ve got a date in the books. Better than sitting at home playing the Florist EP on repeat until your headphones snap. 

On top of the countdown to her new album, Ms. Yanya has also released a new single with an accompanying video. Feast your ears and eyes on “Tears” below.

"Tears" starts right out the gate with some extremely bouncy synths. Yanya is generally keen on her brand of guitar-forward pop, so hearing her delve into the world of synths is exciting. While the instrumentation is a bit different, "Tears" still offers Yanya's classic airy delivery.  In fact, her latest single takes her usual delivery and lets it evolve, showing her impressive range.

From day one, Nilufer and her team have kept a consistent visual aesthetic. Everything is 90s, and they do it well. From “Small Crimes,” to “Baby Luv,” and now "Tears,” the theme is 90s. Over a white background, pixelated texts scrawls across the screen with the lyrics as well as random health messages. These health messages, delivered by WWAY Health, are a subtle nod to the content of the album. What's more, there is a phone number mentioned in these texts which you can call (it actually works) that takes you even deeper into the story.

Less than a month away for the release of her debut album, Nilufer Yanya is off to an excellent start for 2019. Usually, I’d close this article by saying that I cannot wait to get my hands on the album for a listen, however, that is not the case today. Believe me when I say it’s amazing and well worth the wait.


Connect with Nilüfer Yanya: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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