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Betical's immersive electronic sound invites all "Strangers"

French sibling duo Betical have returned with their latest single "Strangers", the last released single as part of their first EP Strangers in the Night. An exhilarating and abstract piece of work, "Strangers" highlights the roots of the brothers's beginnings and how far they've come since joining forces due to their technological restrictions.

A respectful nod to a delightfully obscure combination of soul and techno, "Strangers" is a coursing retro-synth track emanating with space-infused sounds. Predominantly instrumental, the track is an expansive and unpredictable effort from Betical. Boasting heavily produced vocals that ride softly over the main event, the duo weaves an otherworldly narrative that exhibits the underlying and progressing vigour revealed within the prominent riff line.

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