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Atelier Blue make triumphant debut with "Haunted"

The newly formed duo Atelier Blue may be not yet have a large catalogue of music, but their debut single “Haunted” shows that they are ready to hit the ground running. The London band that consists of singer-songwriter Olivia McShane and multi-instrumentalist and producer Alex Bloomfield concoct their music in McShane’s bedroom, although with their stellar musicianship and sophisticated sound, one could easily assume the music originated in a major studio.

The “mood pop” moniker that Atelier Blue use to describe their music may seem vague to some but it’s right on point in the case of “Haunted.” Bloomfield deftly weaves together various layers of synth pads and melodies that create a lush springboard for McShane’s vocals. The singer shows off impressive range with soaring melodies and moving lyrics as she writes about the difficulties of moving on from a past romance. In all, McShane and Bloomfield coalesce to provide a beautifully emotive debut single. “Haunted” may only be the first release from Atelier Blue, but it reflects a duo that has a cohesive vision and an enchanting sound. 

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