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Maren Morris is immovable and unwavering on "The Bones"

In the "home stretch of the hard times," country/pop singer Maren Morris finds comfort in knowing that the structure around her love is safe and sound. Her latest single, "The Bones," is the third to be released from her forthcoming album Girl, and places the singer in a realm not too distinct from the rest of her discography–except there's something fundamentally more attention-grabbing and monumental about her in this new era of her career. The singer's confidence radiates throughout each verse, showcasing a self-assurance that previously felt rare and now feels instinctively obvious. 

"The Bones" is a lyrically hopeful and reassuring love song delivered without crossing the line into the cliches and fads that often plague songs with similar messages. Morris realistically grapples with the inevitable struggles within love, but doesn't try to gloss over them by pretending she isn't affected by them. Instead, she delivers moments of stress relief to counteract the less positive moments, singing "No, it don't always go the way we planned it / But the wolves came and went and we're still standing."

Morris' tone is soothing, with each verse arriving and ending robustly, punctuated with a number of diverse runs that demonstrate her range. Carried by a bass and guitar-driven production, "The Bones" never feels as though the singer is trying too hard to extend her vocals beyond her comfort zone to add distinctive moments to the song. Her timbre bends effortlessly to whatever the track demands it to–it's all her comfort zone. 

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