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Jess Cornelius echoes authenticity with "No Difference"

New Zealand-born and Australian-raised singer-songwriter Jess Cornelius is making a name for herself in North America with the release of her new single "No Difference" accompanied by a beautifully shot cinematic music video.

The feel-good song describes a balance between encouraging self-help and embracing fatalism, tying back nicely to her common lyrical themes of womanhood, relationships, and all-around life. The music video is the perfect extension of the song's meaning, showing Cornelius emerge from a filled bathtub and featuring raw close-ups of friends and acquaintances. She says, "We wanted to expand on this idea of rebirth by showing all these women having miniature moments of self-reckoning, which is what I feel people often do in the bathroom. We use the bathroom—and the bathroom mirror—to collect ourselves, to recover, to psych ourselves up, to escape, to self destruct..."

"No Difference" comes as the first musical release under her self-named project since her Nothing Is Lost EP in 2017. Before going solo she was part of a successful three-album stretch with Melbourne-based band Teeth & Tongue.

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