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BbyMutha returns with a heavy-hitting single “D.I.Y” [VIDEO]

Lavish and unstoppable, Chattanooga’s Bbymutha returns with a heavy-hitting single “D.I.Y” accompanied by a charismatic video. The single is just as the title depicts, boasting about being a do-it-yourself artist and not taking any hand-outs.

Bbymutha has been changing the hip-hop game for a minute, a single mother, Bbymutha's persona is heavily influenced by her experiences of black single motherhood. Her punchy lines and her ability to relate to women around the world is what has us saluting her.

Not afraid to experiment, Bbymutha fuses genres, and goes from disco, trap and punk music all in order to get her messages across.

The powerful rapper embodies women empowerment and brings back realism into the some-what flawed hip-hop game.

Connect with Bbymutha: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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