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Australian artists Golden Vessel and Oscar Key Sung sing Karaoke in Japan on "Dizzy"

Australian lads Golden Vessel and Oscar Key Sung have found each other far from home in Japan, on their latest release "DIZZY". The pair share an affinity for blending genres on their own work. It's no surprise then that the collaboration is a synergy of complementary sounds.

"DIZZY" comes as another teaser off Golden Vessel's debut album. The video for the single is quirky and fun, just as you'd expect from something shot over in Tokyo, Japan. In true cultural fashion, Golden Vessel makes his way through Japan while giving his best Karaoke performance for "DIZZY", roaming through crowded streets and alleyways.

When speaking on the collaboration, Golden Vessel shares: “I’ve been a fan of Oscar’s music ever since I found him on Bandcamp when I was 15. I took a trip to Melbourne in December 2016 to do some writing for my album and managed to get myself along to a htmlflowers concert on my last night there." As chance had it, Oscar jumped up on stage for one of his songs. We met after the show and organised to do some writing the next day. We had to use my friend’s bedroom because we couldn’t find a studio, and we only had a few hours before I had to leave for the airport, but we wrote and recorded Dizzy in that time - not many changes were made after the session as it came together so easily.” 

Golden Vessel is currently on the road supporting BAYNK on his national tour,  fans can get ready for a debut album later this year. In the meantime, get "DIZZY" with the pair above. 

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