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Ursa the Chef asks "Have You Ever?"

Indie rapper Ursa the chef first beeped on our radar with the mouth-watering single "Rigatoni". The up-and-coming artist continues to blend ambient melodies and poetic hip-hop delivery to create some truly mesmerizing sounds. This week, Ursa cooks up another track for fans to vibe to titled, "Have You Ever?"

The record is built on mellow keys and soothing guitar that allows listeners to lean back and just let the vibes wash over you. The song features the oh-so-lovely Tori Ciarcia and tells the story of how two individuals fell in love and continue to remain in love to this day. Produced by Fishman!, the song is the ultimate way to relax, bop your head, and possibly fall in love too.

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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