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Norwegian act Rat City releases conceptual animated video for "Kind Of Love"

Get ready to get up and dance when you hit play on Rat City's new music. It's funky, it's fun and it's all around creative from the design to the vision. In a collaboration with Norwegian newcomer and vocalist Isak Heim, Rat City turns up the funk on their new single "Kind Of Love". 

Alongside the record release comes a conceptual animated video, evocatively depicting the ultimate dysfunctional relationship. When sharing about the video Rat City gives us a breakdown by stating, "A shamed Detective turned Private Investigator, Frank has never given up on two things: a lead or a dame - both of which consistently leave him on the wrong end of a revolver. Still, that's has never stopped him from cracking a case. A thug in its purest form, Dean is nothing but trouble which is a huge asset for a nefarious underworld crime lord. Crime outweighs justice in Rat City, and you better believe Dean has something to do with all of it. Eccentric lounge singer Sam is always in the spotlight at the local casino, when he's not selling secrets to one group or another. He has hand on the pulse of everything that happens in Rat City, and all the bad news that goes along with."

The video is a fun ride from the start and the music ain't too shabby either. It's kind of like the modern day Roger Rabbit! Watch the journey unfold above.

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