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Fontzerelli's "SALLY" is all about women's empowerment [Video]

Fontzerelli can be pretty unpredictable with his unique style but he always delivers banging tracks that take elements from the old and the new. His new visual for the single "SALLY" is a testament to his creative genius as he gives praises to women over a banging instrumental.

The song has solid hip-hop groove laced with minimal elements. Don't get it twisted though as the drums hit hard so it's far from being sugary. On the other hand, Fontz keeps things smooth and easy with his lush flow and vivid lyrics. He doesn't hold back his love for women of all shapes and sizes and makes it a duty to be an ally in his own unique manner. 

The video brings the message to the forefront by showcasing women from different backgrounds and letting them shine in their element. The women here are presented as independent, hardworking and carry their natural flaws with pride. Hit the play button and enjoy the fun filled video.

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