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Luka Palm taps Kojaque and Kean Kavanagh for a very Soft Boys Valentine with "Nightlink"

Coming to you live from the Emerald Isles, peep Luka Palm’s latest, “Nightlink.” Enlisting the help of Soft Boy Records labelmates, Kojaque, and Kean Kavanagh, “Nightlink” arrives on digital shelves just in time for Valentine's Day.

Not the lovey-dovey VDay single you were expecting, eh? Instead of going the route of waxing poetic about the depths of their hearts, Luka and the (Soft) boys tackle Valentine’s Day from the other side of the coin. “Nightlink” is what it sounds like when love sucks.

Throughout the two minute and forty-two-second track, Luka and Kojaque take turns running through shitty relationships, while Kean provides the frame. “Nightlink” is excellent in that each verse sounds like an anxious late night walk. It’s an attempt to mentally reconcile a fucked up relationship, even though in reality, you know it's doomed.

Luka especially is in top form here. Throughout his two verses, he sets up the scene wishing life was as easy as “money over love” until he drops the soul-crushing finish of “she said ‘I like you a lot, but I don’t like you enough.’”

The beat, produced by Kean and Kojaque, mimics the sentiment in “Nightlink” as well. Everything starts bright and chipper with twinkling pianos that conjure images of a cool night's sky speckled with stars. Its opening sequence promises positivity and slides nicely into the paradigm of typical VDay joints. That is until the drums erupt and the song sets in. As the boys take you through their stories, you realize those weren’t stars you observed earlier; they were satellites.

As of this writing, there's no word on any full-length projects coming out of the Soft Boy camp this year. So for now, all you can do is press play on “Nightlink” above and join us in collective prayer in the hopes that we might see a few more albums out before 2020.




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