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88rising star AUGUST 08 joins Smino on "Blood On My Hands"

88rising crooner AUGUST 08 is looking for the work-life balance we all strive for on his newest cut, "Blood On My Hands." The lyrics paint a picture of a guilt-ridden figure whose love is split between two different girls, while actually drawing attention to a love triangle between a woman and his music. And while the lyrics are dripping with guilt, the beat is having none of it; this thing is bouncier than a trampoline in the middle of a kids birthday party.

AUGUST 08 alluded to his desire to work with Smino earlier this month on Twitter, claiming the collaboration would produce something magical. It's safe to say he wasn't far off with his statement. Smino makes light work of the uptempo beat. He stays on topic with stories a love lost in Japan, while twisting the tongue of any listener brave enough to try to keep up with the talented wordsmith.

If this collab is any indication, it's likely this won't be the last time we hear some magic from these two.

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