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Upsahl shimmers in new video for "Drugs"

Bold, self-assured and above all — well — blunt, indie-pop singer Upsahl is glittering in the newest music video for “Drugs.” The mesmerizing and cheeky track fronts her upcoming EP, Hindsight 20/20, which will be released March 1. 

In the visual for "Drugs," directed by Patrick Lawler, Upsahl grabs us by the collar and down the rabbit role into an oversaturated world, where the singer sits bored among a throng of people who she seems completely bored with at a house party. As people try to flirt with her and others just can't help but drone on, Upsahl remains abundantly clear: “I just came here for the drugs.”

The drugs in question are represented using candy and glitter — an enticing and tripped-out escape from the world around her. But where others might sulk, Upsahl keeps it light and airy, instead driving home the idea that she doesn't have time for vapid people and interactions without meaning — her titular tongue-in-cheek refrain meant more sarcastically than anything.

"I knew I wanted to make a house party video for Drugs,” as that’s where the inspiration for the song came from," said Upsahl in a press release. "The whole point is that it’s a metaphor for dealing with fake people and superficial conversations, so we wanted to replicate that feeling throughout the video with fake and colorful 'drugs.'"

Along with "Drugs," Upsahl recently released the single and music video for The Other Team.” Following the release of her EP Hindsight 20/20 on March 1, the singer will join Max Frost on his Gold Rush Tour in March/April, ending at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on April 10.

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