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Pancho Morris takes us on a trip through "Strangetown USA" [Video]

These are strange, strange times, friends. So strange, in fact, that strange and all of its adjectives fall well short of describing our current political climate.

Fortunately, artists like Pancho Morris are using their respective mediums to provide words, sounds, and images for exactly how we're feeling. Morris, a multitalented musician and actor from Oakland, just dropped the highly anticipated visuals for "Strangetown USA," a single off his GREAT AGAIN album. In this latest flick, Morris takes us on a darkly humorous journey through a fictional "Strangetown" that feels all too familiar.

In the West Coast vernacular, there's HELLA to unpack in "Strangetown USA." There's a reason Pancho set up an entire website solely dedicated to the video, explaining each theme and motif down to every minute detail. It's probably the most work I've seen go into a music video: over a four month stretch, more than 100 artists, including Pancho, carefully planned and executed the large-scale project.

Its artistic, politically fueled video aside, "Strangetown USA" is also a kick-ass song. The eerily chilled-out vibes of the folksy record make way for an intense second half that showcases the full extent of Pancho's vocal dexterity and hard-hitting lyrics.

For a comprehensive tour of "Strangetown USA," including the meaning behind Pancho's cryptic song and video, check out the website below. Also, give his GREAT AGAIN project a spin and see just how strange things can get.

Connect with Pancho Morris: Official Website | Strangetown USA Website | Instagram

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