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Hucci and Stooki Sound are back "Wit the Sh_t"

Known for crafting the classic trap single "Ball So Hard," Hucci and Stooki Sound bring back their original vibe with a dark and underground twist. If you are not up to date with this power trio, then it is time to get "Wit the Sh_t" as these artists remain loyal to their fan base to deliver a unique sound which articulates the influence of growing up in London, UK. Heavily influenced by rap and trap music, the single begins with a wonky and slow tempo beat proving that nothing has changed over the years. Gradually building momentum, they fire shots at the after party with a bounce filled with static to shut down all communication. As usual, they turn the notch and switch the beat even slower to break it down with your crew on the dance floor. With a personalized signature in every track, these producers new fail to deliver that distinctive sound we have all been waiting for in a collaboration.

Keep it real with Hucci at the Paradiso Grote Zaal in Amsterdam on March 30th.

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