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Heather Russell flexes her melodic muscles on "Lights Off" [Video]

Heather Russell is taking it back to her pianistic roots in the new video for “Lights Off”. Kicking the video into motion with the descending trill of a grand piano, the teenage prodigy delivers an impressive vocal performance of “Lights Off” that shakes listeners with its simplicity yet potency. It’s only fitting that the song that inspired her debut album, My Metropolis, features Heather in her natural habitat: commanding the musical atmosphere on the piano. Stripped down over the keys, Heather shows off her vocal pipes with pizzazz before the beat slows down and bass chimes in; setting the stage for her to wow listeners once more with some bars. It’s a jazzy, hip-hop meets R&B concoction that goes to show just how invested Heather Russell is in solidifying her spot as the multifaceted musician she is.

Heather offers listeners a glimpse of the inspiration behind “Lights Off”, detailing: “My debut album, My Metropolis was initially motivated by ‘Lights Off,’” says Russell. “It represents the center point of inspiration for the project and was originally a chorus that I had written in a dream. I dreamt of a city so full of lights, overlooking a vast body of water, representing what seemed to be a place of endless creativity, a place of my own. When I woke, I was already singing the chorus melody! Since that day, this dream has inspired me to create something magical of my own, and to share my story with the world.”

Watch the video for the soulfully authentic “Lights Off” above.

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