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Melvv flips Katelyn Tarver's "Kool Aid" into future pop bliss [Premiere]

In September 2018, Georgia-born singer, songwriter and actress Katelyn Tarver released her single "Kool Aid," a buoyant pop ballad that moonlights as a phlegmatic middle finger to label executives who tried to mutate her artistry. Tarver has now tapped rising DJ and producer Melvv for a blissed-out future pop remix that had me howling "oh yeah" like the Kool-Aid Man himself.

In his remix, which EARMILK has the distinct pleasure of premiering, Melvv shrewdly chops up Tarver's vocals, distorting them beautifully in the chorus without butchering them. It's a brilliant method that has consistently produced infectious results, like when he flaunted it in his March 2017 track "Lifeline."

The subtle nuances of his unique production style are evident throughout his "Kool Aid" remix, like his sporadic use of tight snare fills and breezy chimes. Wisely eschewing the notion of turning "Kool Aid" into an electronic banger, Melvv infuses just enough energy into the original track without making it too frenetic or raucous, like ingesting a 5-hour Energy as opposed to a needle of adrenaline. Because of that approach, the track will be suitable to a wider range of playlists, which should make it a streaming behemoth. You can get familiar with both Katelyn Tarver and Melvv at the links below.

Connect with Katelyn Tarver: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Connect with Melvv: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

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