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Hector Couto returns to Sola with new EP 'Salimo'

Following on his Lil Old Man EP released last year via Sola, tech-house producer Hector Couto returns to the label with his latest EP Salimo. With a unique sound that blends the jack of Chicago with the atmospheric roots of early techno, the Spanish producer's signature sonic stamp is a fresh take for the dance and club scene—a infectious tribal affair of high-octane beats and percussive grooves. Title track "Salimo" takes the cake for rambunctious tech-house fun.

Driven by steely drums and a punchy pattern, "Salimo" is a clever track riddled with captivating vocal hooks. Otherworldly and hypnotic with its percussion, Couto showcases his diverse range with the robust build up, climaxing with an infectious bass hook cheered on by samples of crowds. It's a rather calming sonic journey and Couto placates hard-hitting beat lovers with relentless drops.

Connect with Hector Couto: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook 

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