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Spazz Cardigan delivers playful single "S.O.S.," announces 'Vulnerabilia' EP date

Nashville's latest up-and-coming alt-pop sensation Spazz Cardigan has released an exciting new single called "S.O.S." and announced his Vulnerabilia EP release for March 22. He moved to Nashville two days after his high school graduation and has since continued to gray the line of garnering a higher education to be successful narrative. 

Spazz Cardigan draws heavy inspiration from the likes of Kanye West, Bjork, David Bowie, and Sun Ra, and "S.O.S." surely exemplifies these inspirations. Last year, Spazz Cardigan released "Episode" and "DOITDOIT." "S.O.S." plays with a wide stereo image, electronic production styles with acoustic and rock instrumentation. Furthermore, it features catchy melodies, an anthemic production and mix, and transcends into a myriad of styles and interpretations with Spazz Cardigan's eclectic vocals. The songwriter and producer continually straddles the lines of electronic, rock, R&B, and hip-hop with solidifying productions like "S.O.S." 

Connect with Spazz Cardigan:SoundCloud|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Electro R&B · Electronic


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