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Spazz Cardigan questions his next move with "DOIDOIT"

Louisville, Kentucky raised and Nashville, Tennessee-based artist Spazz Cardigan grew up on pop music's biggest stars, including the 00's biggest boy band sensation NSYNC and Michael Jackson. He then discovered Queen and was bound and determined to perform. The classically trained musician who taught himself guitar, bass, and drums has released a riveting new electronic track called "DOIDOIT." 

"DOIDOIT" is a track where Spazz Cardigan questions his each and every move. "Do I do it because my dad did it / Is it something in my blood?" sings Cardigan. The lyrics also poke fun at the standards that the millennial society and culture has set forth. We live in such a digital age, and social media is a driving force behind our daily lives. Is that a good enough reason to stay on "the gram" though? "DOIDOIT" continues to flourish through colorful vocal effects, subtle percussive imprints, and playful rhythms. While it seems that Spazz Cardigan knows what to do, today's society and standards really make you question those decisions. 

Connect with Spazz Cardigan: SoundCloud|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram 

Electronic · Indie · Indie Pop


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