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Ease into the week with Spazz Cardigan's "Episode" [Premiere]

I woke up this Monday feeling particularly off-kilter, but the easygoing electronic-pop vibes of Louisville-born musician Spazz Cardigan were the exact antidote I needed. Drenched in lazy afternoon sun, "Episode" is a charming ditty with cheeky dual meaning. Premiering today with EARMILK, the funky and lighthearted "Episode" tells a mellow tale of two lovers watching cartoons, clinging to the connection and wasting the day away. "You and I've got better things to do than just get stoned and watch cartoons, but we don't care cause can't move," croons Spazz Cardigan. The narrative of "one more episode" feels like it could be a metaphor for the duo's relationship as a whole - "if you like the story we can kick it till the morning."

The man behind the moniker Spazz Cardigan grew up in a pop music era hallmarked by NSYNC and Michael Jackson, before stumbling upon the work of Queen at age 10. The discovery sparked his passion for creation and performance, and by age 11 he has taking gigs and learning to produce. A classically trained piano player before teaching himself guitar, bass, and drums, Spazz Cardigan nurtured an eclectic range of influence from Kanye West to David Bowie before landing on his signature textural pop. 2017 saw him self-release a debut LP I. In an era where music feels increasingly homogenized, I look forward to following the blossoming career of this genuine creator.


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