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Scott Gilmore throws convention out the window on "All Our Stuff"

Scott Gilmore is known for constantly breaking the mold. The Los Angeles-based musician has announced his third LP after signing to Crammed Discs and he's shared the whimsical new track "All Our Stuff." Check out the serene music video below directed by Scott and co-directed by acclaimed director/producer/musician, Kenny Gilmore.

What becomes immediately apparent upon first listen is the shimmering fantastical nature of Gilmore's warm and fuzzy songwriting. "All Our Stuff" bounces along from lush chillwave soundscapes to jazzy, childlike energy with effortless glee. There is a curiousness to his music that is surreal and exploratory in nature. Rather than opting for traditional songwriting, Gilmore seems to prefer the road less traveled. 

What's even more interesting is that Gilmore's music and subsequent video seems to reflect a juxtaposition between pastoral idealism and the fast-paced urban life. This is the constant struggle most Angelinos deal with on a daily basis. Gilmore conveys this very matter-of-factly when he glides along what appears to be a man-made lake on a swan paddle boat; Searching for greener pastures in a city of concrete and chaos.

We caught up with Scott in order for him to elaborate more on this concept, "The song and video are both loosely based on the idea of attempting to inhabit a place that perpetually remains distant." This feels apt when you think of a city like Los Angeles where different neighborhoods feel worlds apart.

Scott Gilmore's new full-length, Two-Roomed Motel will be available everywhere on March 1st via Crammed Discs.

If you're in Los Angeles, catch Scott Gilmore at Zebulon Cafe on March 4th opening for Confusing Mix of Nations.

Connect with Scott Gilmore: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify



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