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Erik Sing and Sully P have each other's backs on new single "My Back" [Premiere]

"My Back" is the latest track from Australian producer Erik Sing. For this breezy pop tune, he's teamed up with American vocalist Sully P to create an extremely catchy hook that will be bouncing around your head upon first listen. "My Back" is just the first of many singles slated for release by Erik Sing this year via Mammal Sounds.

What makes this electro-pop groove so infectious is the slight nod to tropical/Afrobeat rhythms and Sully P's soulful, carefree delivery. It feels like the perfect jam for a cruise out in the sun or a beachside soiree. This unique flavor is just what Sing needed to craft this dazzling banger. Despite being on opposite sides of the world, it was obvious that Sing and Sully trusted each other and went all in on this one. 

We caught up with Erik Sing to hear more about the collaboration. “I discovered Sully P online while looking for artists to work with," said Sing. "His sound and style caught my attention straight away, so I sent him a message and he got back to me almost immediately. It was a long process that followed with Sully recording vocals to a few of my tracks. ‘My Back’ was the one that really stood out to me, so I got to work comping the vocals and finalizing the production.”

This unlikely connection proves that physical boundaries are no match for the power of creativity and imagination. "Erik Sing sent me a few tracks from the other side of the planet and I immediately fell in love with all of them," remarked Sully. "The lyrics to 'My Back' started coming to me so easily as I danced along to it on loop, and I had a lot of fun recording this one."

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