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The Desert work through heartbreak on "Bitterness"

Few things in life are more difficult to move past than heartbreak. It’s often easy to wallow in the negativity of the situation even though the most productive action might sometimes be to push through the sadness. Bristol-based group The Desert deal with these complex emotions on their latest single titled “Bitterness.” 

“Bitterness” is rife with raw, honest emotion from its opening moments as Leonard’s lone voice calls out, as if from a cavern of hurt, “I’ve been pourin’ sugar over… all of the bitterness you left me.” Her band mates Tom Fryer (guitar), Ryan Rogers (bass), and Jonny Parry (drums) soon join in with some poignant instrumentals to support her sensitive vocals. At the end of the sweeping choruses there is some resolve, as Leonard sings, “Bitterness won’t do,” suggesting that eventually we have to just move on, regardless of the situation. The pained but resolute track is another strong offering from The Desert that will get audiences excited for the new EP. Make sure you listen above.

Lead singer and songwriter Gina Leonard describes the ethereal track as: "coming to terms with being screwed over, accepting it, and moving forward.” The song is the centrepiece to the band’s upcoming EP, which is interestingly titled Winning You Back, and set for release March 8th 2019.

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