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Flikka releases the Beatrix Blaise directed video for "Someone To Lose"

2019 really is shaping up to be an exciting year for indie music. Whilst awesome live (and just generally less-electronic) music seems to be having a major comeback; easily adding fuel to fire is talented Stockholm newcomer Flikka.

Flikka has signed to Blue Flowers' reliably brilliant roster. In doing so continues their tradition of championing live music in a big way. However interestingly, "Someone To Lose" comes more from a place of uncertainty. Whilst the track itself blossoms with a slowly unfurling bassline and softly padding percussion, Flikka’s tender vocals tie together love and the thought of pain. The intermingling of emotions makes for a captivating listen as Flikka ironically turns overthinking into a beautiful relaxation. We're excited to hear more from Flikka both as she gears up for more releases, but also for any live dates that may come our way.

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