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Taliwhoah shares powerful new video for "Love Cycle"

Love and relationships are always complicated, especially when matters of sexuality, tradition, and expectation are thrown in the mix. Too often, conflicts abound as everyone searches for their own version of romantic bliss. The London-born singer Taliwhoah’s latest single “Love Cycle” and its accompanying video explore these themes and document the Los Angeles resident’s journey in coming out as bisexual to her friends and family.

On its own, the slow-churning track is a fairly straightforward love song but the heart wrenching video features footage of Taliwhoah struggling to share the truth about her sexuality to loved ones, which in turn creates tension with her partner. While “Love Cycle” is personal to Taliwhoah, it touches on a broader theme that love is universal, regardless of the form it takes. This idea is highlighted in the hooks when she sings, “When you love someone, you don’t treat them wrong / you don’t break their heart, you just play a part in this love cycle.” With smooth vocal delivery, a poignant video, and solid production, “Love Cycle” is an impressive outing from Taliwhoah that should help her reputation grow in the realm of global R&B.

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