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UK producer twiddy pairs up with Son of Cabe to deliver “Let Go”

Introducing UK producer twiddy, who is honing in on a self-described style of "jazz funk electronic." Today he combines forces with Son of Cabe to deliver “Let Go,” a pop-leaning electronic record. With punchy synths and acoustic undertones, "Let Go" is an emotional ballad that combines both artists' personal stories. 

twiddy shares, “this is the first time I’ve made a track which reflects on my emotions and feelings. It all came together so quickly, which I think was partly due to me sub-consciously wanting to shut out what was going on around me at the time. The approach for this track was different than any other I’ve made, combine that with my emotional state at the time turns it into my best and most powerful song yet.” With early support from Majestic Casual and Spotify,  twiddy is gaining support quickly in the UK with his latest label signing to Let Me Hear It. Give "Let Go" a spin above! 

Connect with twiddy: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter



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