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Get lost in Bonobo's slithery new soundscape "Ibrik"

Bonobo's newest organic masterwork "Ibrik" is exactly what you want from a Bonobo track and more: uplifting composition, creative instrumentation, a danceable low end, the feeling of being in the jungle, et al. He's done it again, folks. 

While I let my hyperventilating over this vaporwave single artwork subside, "Ibrik" is still churning away in elemental bliss in the background - I'm on listen number I've lost count. Bonobo's production is perennially draped in that secret sauce that makes it perfect for both active and passive listening. He invites you in to imprint your narrative atop his if the moment calls. I can certainly remember more than a few magical moments in my life soundtracked by Bonobo. But there's also space being held for the music to be a total escape from reality. "Ibrik" falls snugly into the canon. The track was released in advance of Bonobo's upcoming Fabric Presents Mix, and promises an even more immersive experience to come. 

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Atmospheric · Electronic


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