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COCO BANS delivers an anthem in "Fighting Feathers"

Normally it takes time for an artist to develop and establish an artistic identity that defines their work. There are others who somehow have that clear artistic vision from the beginning of their career. Such is the case for the singer COCO BANS, who only debuted as a solo artist in October 2018 but seems poised to take off in 2019. Her atmospheric new single “Fighting Feathers” comes from her forthcoming EP entitled Fantasy & Parables, due out February 28.

“Fighting Feathers” has a mature sound with both its music and lyrics. The track organically builds in energy throughout, with airy pads and percussive guitar providing the foundation. The production shows an impressive amount of restraint as it never fully explodes, instead percolating with a slow burn of tension and emotion. The poignant music pairs well with the song’s lyrical content, in which COCO BANS compares dealing with life’s issues to fighting with a feather that is always floating just out of reach. She writes, “Sometimes our problems are like that feather, best to just move on and release that futility.” “Fighting Feathers” is a fascinating display of complex emotions, both through the sweeping production and COCO BANS’ impassioned vocal delivery. The song comes from a forthcoming EP that is a six-part narrative documenting, “struggle, determination and triumph over a magical folk-gospel landscape.” With the astounding skills exhibited on “Fighting Feathers” and such a fully realized artistic vision, 2019 figures to be an exciting year for COCO BANS.

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Alternative · Electronic · Exclusive · Folk


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