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South Florida rapper Pouya's new song and video "Superman is Dead" is a vibe

After just two albums, this underground underdog has quickly become one of the scene's beloved figures. Pouya is no stranger to slowing down his usual fiery flow for a sweeter vibe, but this new style is a whole new venture for the South Florida rapper. Production from his long time collaborator, Mikey The Magician is probably the dreamiest of his discography. This song deals with romance and the ups-and-downs of a long-term relationship. In the video we see Pouya examin his emotional mortality facing the fact that things can’t always be perfect. Even a superhero can be damaged.

Pouya's album Five Five was released mid last year and served as a small transition into a more mature sound while maintaining the wild nature of one of the most talented lyricists in rap. As he starts to work towards a new project to meet the needs of his mighty fan base, it seems like he will continue to mix this fresh sound with the energy he built his following around. Check out this track and stay tuned for more from Pouya.  

Connect to Pouya: Twitter | Soundcloud | Website 

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