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August Landelius returns from hiatus with new single "All You Can Eat"

The Swedish producer August Landelius is back from a three-year hiatus with a new single entitled “All You Can Eat.” Since the release of his debut EP Float in 2015, Landelius may have gone quiet in terms of putting out new music, but it’s clear from “All You Can Eat” that he has been honing his craft and evolving his eclectic musical style. The haunting track is the first sample of a forthcoming debut album from Landelius, which is due out later this year on Naiv Recordings.


Musically, “All You Can Eat” is captivatingly off-kilter. Landelius keeps the audience guessing with a mix of throbbing bass tones, an array of atmospheric synth pads, and faraway vocals. The result is a moody musical milieu that pairs well with the song’s theme of questioning one’s privilege and identity. Landelius writes, “I’m a very privileged boy from Sweden… I was extremely grossed out by myself and all my whining about useless problems.” Confronting perceived flaws in one’s life is a challenging process that can stir up darkness from within, and “All You Can Eat” offers an apt musical representation of those complex emotional travails. With his introspective, honest approach to “All You Can Eat” and an ever-evolving sonic palette, August Landelius appears ready to pick up right where he left off three years ago.

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