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Joy Downer takes an honest look at society in “Plastic Wrap” [Video]

Joy Downer has just released the new video for their latest single 'Plastic Wrap', directed by visual artist/painter Darren Le Gallo. The track is mixed and mastered by production duo Superhuman, and showcases a perfect slice of indie-pop ear candy.

Featuring soft, delicate vocals atop ultramodern lush synths and rhythmic guitars, this track has a retro feel reminiscent of the Eurythmics with a distinctive modern twist. With lyrics like, “If Hollywood says it’s good, you put it on repeat,” the track highlights themes of materialism, trends, and loss of identity. It sheds light on the masks we wear reflecting what society or trends tells us is important, versus having ideas of our own.
The video displays a layered collage of hand-drawn frames and chrome-faced dancers. Le Gallo describes it best when he says, "Joy Downer talked to me about doing the video, as we had already had a bit of a collaboration in creating the tune together.  The song has such a retro, 80's vibe to it (that I love), and I couldn't help but think about some of the videos that I'd been influenced by in my youth watching MTV.  The popular A-Ha video, 'Take On Me' with its mixed media drawing feel, to some of the earlier Eurythmics as well. Joy Downer reminded me a bit of that duo.  So with those influences in mind, I already knew I wanted to draw over and add some of my graphic work to the video.  I knew there had to be a dancer that was faceless (Dolores Ninja) and that would represent some of the things that Joy is singing about in the song. (I like to leave some things open for interpretation).”
Le Gallo adds, “I was also drawn to the idea of futuristic minimalism mixed with a hint of vintage (i.e. the opening with Joy's appearance and the sterile space surrounding her, with only the television from the 60's). Something excited me about that contrast with the tune.  It just fit. Luckily the band liked it as well. "
Joy Downer is made up of Joy and Jeff Downer. Living in Los Angeles and constantly working on new material, they are currently producing their follow-up to 2017’s Radio Dreamer EP. They also just booked a show at The Echo February 22nd with KOLARS and Alex Lilly.
Connect with Joy Downer: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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