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The Evening Attraction shake things up with "Kill For Love" music video

The Evening Attraction is a five-member band from Chicago, Illinois. Having released their debut album back in 2014 called Almost Desperate, The Evening Attraction has shown their influential song structures by drawing heavy inspiration from 1960s rock bands. Their unique songwriting approach features vibes from The Monkees and Beach Boys all while blending modern rock elements. 

"Kill For Love" is the modern rock-and-roll group's latest single. By placing the classic rock and roll feel throughout, "Kill For Love" opens with acoustic guitars and warm vocals. It quickly switches into that classic rock sound. The Evening Attraction have meticulously produced this track, perfecting what makes the classic rock production stand out. Guitars are panned far right and left, which makes for great separation and diversity. There's an instantly recognizable slap-back delay on the lead vocals that really shines when the music bed lightens up. Additionally, complex melodies and harmonies amongst the vocals walk around smoother than butter. 

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