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Lealani is liable to annihilate your eardrums with "Miniscule"

With her latest single, “Miniscule” Pomona, CA producer Lealani takes the word “gnarly” in an entirely new direction.

Peep the insanity below.

“Miniscule” is gnarly, but like the way massive tree roots rip up a sidewalk or strangle a building. The track sounds contorted and distorted. More gnarled, than gnarly, really. It’s raw. And that raw aspect is exactly what makes “Miniscule,” and Lealani as an artist, so exciting. “I can’t write authentic lyrics with a plan,” says the producer. “Freestyling lyrics for me is more raw and natural. It’s when my true emotions and mental states of mind can come out of myself through my voice.”

The rawness that Lealani mentions above comes through loud and clear on “Miniscule.” It slaps you in the face right from the jump and doesn’t stop until slowly fades out around the three-minute mark.

What’s especially fun about “Miniscule” is that Lealani lets the productions do the talking for the most part. Sure, she peppers the song with a few bars here and there, but really, it’s the thrashing synths that make the loudest statement. And with a statement a strong as “Miniscule,” she’s an up and coming artist that’s impossible to ignore.


Connect with Lealani: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Acid · Electronic · Glitch


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