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Aphrose breaks through stormy clouds with the victorious “Make Your Mark” [Premiere]

Sometimes the biggest battles to fight in life are those that extend beyond the physical realm. Despite its intangibility, the invisible chains can sometimes be the ones that are the most binding. Toronto’s Aphrose offers an enlightening perspective on confronting those very chains with an attitude of victory. “Make Your Mark” is Aphrose’s gentle reminder that it is okay to not be okay.

In light of the new year, “Make Your Mark”  is a timely ode to self-love and an anthemic affirmation about conquering inner demons. Aphrose shares her own story of learning how to love herself and she passes the torch of empowerment to those who may be in a similar position. Aphrose’s words of comfort feel like a great big hug incandescing in warmth. She encourages her listeners to be shameless in accepting their beauty within, scars and all. Her words encourage listeners to take heart and find courage, as she sings: “It is a battle, be proud of your battle scars. Make your mark, take aim, hit hard.”

Musically, “Make Your Mark”’s feel-good melody contrasts a heavy message with light, sun-filled hues of hope. Jazzy electric guitar and bass progressions are coupled with upbeat snares to form a jazzy blend of hip-hop, soul, and alternative rock. The song’s breezy undertones make for the perfect head-bopping tune, before slowing down and ending off in a choir-like a cappella as Aphrose echoes the words “hold on”. “Make Your Mark” feels like looking into the mirror and seeing galaxies of hope and new beginnings.

Find solace in the empowering “Make Your Mark”, above.

Connect with Aphrose: Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

Cover photo by: Jen Squires.



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