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Pasha gets it "Right This Time" on his latest video

There is nothing wrong with having fun. Say it one more time. There is nothing wrong with having fun.

As a music snob, the above statement is often impossible to understand. You spend so much time analyzing and breaking down music you forget that some music isn’t deep or layered. It’s just plain fun. And that’s okay.

Iranian born but Norwegian raised rapper, Pasha, just dropped a video for a track that fits the description above. It’s called “Right This Time,” and it’s a lot of fun.

Produced by Jerry Folk and coming off of Pasha’s recent release, Park., “Right This Time” is pure braggadocio and fucking around. There isn’t much of a point or theme to the song other than getting girls and/or getting fucked up. But while the subject matter may be a touch shallow, the way Pasha delivers his bars is overtly fun.

Jerry’s beat has a real funky throwback swagger to it. It sounds like the way the Rugrats title screen looks. It’s jagged and quirky, colorful and playful, and a little rough around the edges. And with a frame like that to work within, Pasha doesn’t have to do much to make this a gem. The Norwegian rapper cruises through the three-minute track, spitting about girls and drugs and everything else that defines adolescence.

The video for “Right This Time” gives a slight twist to the ever-popular party flick. Instead of centering around Pasha, the video focuses on one of his lady friends. Nothing crazy here but it’s worth a watch. If you’re unfamiliar with Pasha as an artist, the first few seconds will undoubtedly throw you for a loop.

Overall, “Right This Time” is a great track. It’s got bounce and energy for days and makes a case for fun for the sake of fun. And as a wise rapper by the name of Murs once said, “If you can't relate to this song, You're taking this shit too serious. It's hip-hop, man, it's-it's fuckin' fun.”


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