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Yoste transports us into the ambient dreamworld of "Chihiro" with new release

Brisbane-bred bedroom singer-songwriter and producer Yoste (pronounced like 'lost'), transports us to a whole new world in newest release "Chihiro" - an unrelenting, wandering reverie of soft lulls and ambient chords.

"This was the first song I wrote for Yoste," the producer reveals. "It wasn't all that long ago and yet it feels as if it was. I wanted to keep it very simple, almost bare." With a single melody, two verses and no real chorus stringing listeners along, the structure of "Chihiro" is unconventional, showcasing Yoste's unique musical sensibilities.

"I wanted the vocals to be almost childlike in their melody and sound, which largely stemmed from the ethereal nature of the instrumentation," Yoste shares. "Thematically it was about trying to capture a feeling of wonder, of being lost in a good way. I wanted it to feel the way Hayao Miyazaki films feel, hence the name "Chihiro"." Indeed, much like the titular character of Miyazaki's Spirited Away, the track is a gliding production of reverb-heavy, dream-like vocals masterfully interspersed amongst the string-laden melody - effortlessly showcasing a quiet strength and willpower inspiring to all. The soothing waxing and waning of Yoste's voice and simple lyricism not only grounds us in a beautiful dream but also, brings us closer to a fresh perspective on the fluidity of music.

Yoste will be releasing his debut EP try to be okay on February 15th via Akira Records.


Connect with Yoste: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram



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