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Abhi The Nomad gets creative on "FLUSH"

Austin, Texas rapper Abhi The Nomad is stepping into the year with a new track, following a stellar 2018 with the release of his 12-track Marbled project. His "FLUSH" track is creative, quirky, hard, and filled with no shortage of quotable bars. It's his fifth recent single and is the first release that Abhi hasn't self-produced - the instrumental is from producer 13.

"My missy and me get down in my office Johnny Krasinski / I’m a tall glass of milk come and sip me," are just some of the memorable rhymes that he spits with a more aggressive rap style. "FLUSH" holds a trap-based beat that isn't characteristic of Abhi's music, but that perfectly fits his rap style. The talented artist is honing in on his sound while experimenting with different instrumentals and making it sound easy. 2019 could be a big year for the Texas rapper. 

Connect with Abhi The Nomad: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram 




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