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MOAN is all about "Belief"

MOAN is a UK hip-hop collective known for their profound, heartfelt music. The moniker stands for Message of A Nation and it's made up of three individuals who joined forces during a time of financial and social instability. The trio consists of two emcees - Lucid Behaviour and Sean Dee - and beat-maker Ben Woodward.

The debut single titled "Belief" is an uplifting track that solely focuses on the positive side of things. Far from trying to sugar coat or ignore the everyday struggle they go through, the emcees instead face the reality and opt to just keep their head up high and strive for peace of mind. The visual concept is minimal, but stresses the theme of the song with its forever moving motif. The use of the treadmill for the emcees drives the forward-thinking movement mindstate of the song and also adds a fun-filled vibe to it.

"Belief" is the second song ever created by the trio, and it's taken from their upcoming album slated for release early this year.

Connect with  MOAN: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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