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Wyatt James follows his own path on "Lead the Way"

Wyatt James aka Made By Dubs is back to form on new track "Lead the Way".  The rapper/producer takes charge of his affairs as he details his forward-thinking plans over an organ-driven soundscape.

Producing under the moniker Dubs (an acronym for Dreams Under Blue Skies ), James cooks up a soul-drenched soundscape that fits his overarching message of hope and pursuing one's dream. He makes it known that "happiness is in the mind and it's up to you to choose it" .  As an independent artist who made his first song at the age of 12, Wyatt has released a multitude of music in the past year including three projects - Notions, Through the Clouds, and The Good Daze.

North Florida raised musician is currently working on more music while doubling as a producer and engineer for his own production company, Blue Palms Entertainment LLC.

Connect with Wyatt James  : Soundcloud | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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