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Joel Culpepper arrives with "Caroline No"

The onslaught of exciting soul music from the U.K. continues, this time with vocalist Joel Culpepper’s irresistible single “Caroline No.” The track, which is produced by Swindle and features Kojey Radical, is the first preview of a forthcoming debut album from Culpepper due out in 2019. “Caroline No” shows off his dynamic vocal skills and engaging songwriting and should make listeners eager for the eventual album that will follow.

The meeting of minds between Culpepper, Swindle, and Kojey Radical is seamless on “Caroline No,” with each carving out his own place within the music, all while sharing a unified vision for the song’s direction. Swindle’s laid-back beat, driven by a funky synth riff, establishes an ample foundation for Kojey’s signature edgy spoken word, which offers a worthy counter to Culpepper’s soulful vocals. And just when the song seems to have settled into a structure after its catchy chorus, Swindle throws in a horn break that keeps the momentum going. The song is an impressive outing for Joel Culpepper and with the debut album on the way, he is definitely an artist to watch in 2019.

Connect with Joel Culpepper: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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