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Ehlie Luna searches for transcendental fulfillment on “Looking for a God” [Video Premiere]

As humans, we are wired to crave satisfaction. We want to pour our hearts and souls into something, or someone rather, that provides us with a complete sense of meaning. “Looking for a God” is Ehlie Luna’s ode to finding true gratification beyond the materialistic distractions of life.

Ehlie delves into the meaning behind the visuals for "Looking for a God”, explaining, “The video is about trying to drown our sorrows in excess, and still feeling kind of empty…Nothing is satisfying. It's about feeling repressed. We all show up looking the part, but we're not really engaging with each other. We're not really present. There's a lot of tension. We get a peek into people's minds and see what they're fantasizing about.”

The female-directed video for “Looking for a God” represents Ehlie’s quest for a solution that runs deeper than what's surface-level. It depicts Ehlie surrounded by the company of friends — all seated at a table fit for royalty. They are presented with a feast but are visibly dissatisfied with what's served, ultimately left searching for more.

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Cover photo by Melissa Espinosa.


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