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RL Grime's "Shrine" gets the Cozway treatment on Volume 2 of the 'Nova' remixes

Vancouver based producer, Cozway, is a new and upcoming act that you should be keeping a close eye on. He has gained attention through releases on notable imprints this year such as Deadbeats and Jadū Dala. He continues to impress and finish the year strong with an official remix of "Shrine", as part of RL Grime's Vol.2 Nova Remixes featuring other various notable artists such as Valentino Khan and Quix. 

Diving into the track we can hear that Freyas vocals have been left untouched however the buildup has been changed to match the mood of the drop incoming that hits you with a wave of tribal bass that is imbued with samples of various nature-like instruments such as rattles and shakers. Cozways signature sound has an aggressive nature that fits a description of bamboo trap that hits your ears sonically. Drawing his influences from nature, world music, and trap, Cozway has created a truly unique sound that has kept listeners waiting for more.

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