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Drift off to UMI and Yeek's latest, "Lullaby"

UMI can do no wrong. Every song she drops is as good or better than the last. And to make that streak even more impressive, she’s still in college. Today, she's released a new track, and as you’d expect, it only further pads her flawless résumé.

Take a gander at “Lullaby,” featuring Yeek, below.

“Lullaby,” seen here as a lyric video animated by Cade, finds UMI and Yeek appealing to a loved one. In this case, however, the song is less about a heartbreak or new love, and more about communication. In each of their respective verses, both UMI and Yeek are trying to get through to someone. For UMI, trying to break through involves singing that person to sleep, while Yeek attempts to get through with a playlist, letting the music be his voice.

In both cases, the gestures come across as genuine and sweet. Neither artist feels like they are forcing the subject, but instead speaking from experience. And honestly, this is no surprise coming from UMI. She finds a way to distill any and every emotion into a beautifully clean song with nothing excess in her way. Hell, even as just a lyric video, the aesthetic matches the track perfectly when things start dark and end on a bright note.

No word on any full-length project from the LA-based artist, but you can bet the moment more information surfaces, we’ll get it up on EARMILK.

Connect with UMI: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Yeek: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter


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