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Duskus's "Where To Go" is simplicity at its best

Duskus has returned with his latest single, a personal and emotive track entitled "Where To Go."

2018 has been the year for growth for Duskus, as he took the year to slowly build his brand of sound with the partnership of the bitbird label. Throughout that time, he released music that declared himself as a mediator between bass music and the UK electronic scene, including his debut EP, cute. But "cute" could be a great way to describe the intimate nostalgia he's tapped into on "Where To Go" as well. The track is a grower, with simple melodies building and growing as the song progresses, along with a groove that truly sneaks up by the end of the track. It's a charming introduction to a sound that Duskus says truly defines himself.

Following this release, Duskus will embark on his first support tour, alongside San Holo as he celebrates his album1

Connect with Duskus: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



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