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J U S T Y wants us all to "Try"

Budding rapper and singer JUSTY brings nothing but cool positive vibes on her new single titled "Try". The soulful record thrives on the way it blends R&B, jazz, and rap. The way she flows over the soundscape courtesy of Blue Lab Beats is effortless and alluring. Her melodic tinged rapping is also a noteworthy element and doesn't distract the listener from the ever-changing vocal dynamism. Thematically the song is straight to the point as she touches on maintaining the will and determination to fight for things that are worth it, regardless of the outcome. 

The Staten Island-raised singer who started writing at the young age of 12  says she has always been message conscious and now is forging a unique path in the industry with her minimalistic and heartfelt vocals laced with expressive lyrics.  "Try" is the follow-up single to her previous one "insecure" and it will be featured on JUSTY's fall project entitled Soul Food: An Album. Get it on iTunes.

Connect with J U S T Y  : Soundcloud |  Twitter | Instagram


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