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Maison Ware takes "Control" of light and dark on debut record

When we think of "bass music" - or perhaps music in general - we often turn to the western world as the source for the newest tracks, making an assumption that it is North America and Europe who produce the best dance records and are the ones who set the precedent. Maison Ware is here to drastically change your perception. With genre-bending influences that stretch from coast to coast, east to west, the rookie producer takes influence from Japanese culture, secret societies and thundering dance floors for damaging club music. His debut track "Control", is the epitome of his sound - hedonistic and utterly caliginous in both lyrics and beat.

As the title infers, "Control" is a battle of light and dark, of juxtaposed instrumentals and contrasting genres fused into one. Opening with a crooning violin, Maison Ware takes us for a twist and drops us into a somber world of gritty bass lined. Peppered with feverish beats, the back beats battle for prominence as a phantom vocalist rises above the friction. It's a construction masterfully produced, all miraculously feeding into one another for a succinct melody. 

Maison Ware draws his inspiration from the bright lights and dark back streets of the Shibuya district, Tokyo. One of the city’s most prominent nightlife areas, and a beacon of Japanese fashion, Shibuya is a living juxtaposition of futuristic design trends and ancient traditions. The city is the perfect inspiration for the producer's sound, the ideal amalgamation of forward-thinking production with classic dance music elements. With such a beautiful debut, we look forward to seeing what Maison Ware will release next.

Connect with Maison Ware: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram



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