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Tourist tells a love story without words through his newest single "Hearts"

UK-based producer and composer Tourist released “Hearts” this morning; the track is his third single release this year. The song follows his earlier releases "Someone Else" and "Apollo" through building on experimental and melodic dance overtones, evoking a uniquely hopeful and captivating kind of nostalgia. Tourist spoke on the making of "Hearts," finding himself inspired by duplicating and layering a sound at different intervals until a kind of relationship formed between the two. 

It then became this collage of rhythms and melody, and I thought it would be great if towards the end of the piece these sounds all found a common rhythm and fell in sync with each other, like two people falling in love. I guess it’s the best expression of my attempt to use sound to communicate human values, and it’s a piece of music I’m really proud of.

Known for his GRAMMY-award winning work co-writing Sam Smith's "Stay With Me, Tourist aka William Phillips has since toured the U.S., Europe, and Australia, in addition to playing Glastonbury, Coachella (twice) and Bestival. To get an up to date look at Phillips' music, check out his playlist "Tourist Essentials" here - a curated collection of his music dating to 2012. 

Tourist has also announced he'll be going on tour, and you can grab more information on that here.

Connect with Tourist: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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