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Du Tonc reemerges “In My Mind” with Vania and cosmic synths

Before the year is through, electronic disco duo Du Tonc is sharing a new single called “In My Mind.” The track features all the swirling, spacey melodies we’ve come to love from Du Tonc, which is comprised of Matthew Haymes (Mighty Mouse) and Matt Van Schie (of Van She). “In My Mind” also sees collaboration with New York singer/songwriter Vania, completing the 80s-inspired synth soundscape.

Written with Vania earlier in the year, her dreamy influence will be appearing on Du Tonc’s forthcoming debut album. Her emotive performance brings about a melancholy feeling to Du Tonc’s style. The duo has been going strong since they released their first single “Darkness” which was an instant favorite with the dance world. “In My Mind” is the first new tune from Du Tonc since last year’s “High.” It will be exciting to see how the album unfolds as we approach its expected release early next year.

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