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Gabrielle Aplin delivers raw piano version of "My Mistake"

Gabrielle Aplin has been a part of my life’s soundtrack since I discovered her debut album English Rain a couple of years ago. I am always struck by the depth in the English-born singer’s vocals, and her genius lyrical sense. Now, she gives the world a stripped down version of her latest single “My Mistake”. With just her and a piano, you can fully appreciate the rawness and texture to her vocals, not to mention her strength in weaving together a powerful ballad. Aplin guides this version of the track along with soft piano chords. It’s a confessional, self-critiquing beauty, and the self reflection will cut you to the core. 

Acoustic music videos are a familiar platform for Aplin. Her origins lie on YouTube, where her song covers garnered vast attention. So it is no shock that Aplin can strip a song bare, fill it with pure intensity, and elevate it to a whole new level of acoustic. The original track, released last week, utilizes  piano chords throughout as well, growing with Aplin’s voice into the chorus. I was belting it out throughout my apartment for days. You can feel the honesty behind her lyrics as she delicately sings "oh, at least it was my mistake, 'cause I choose to be this way". 

From tracks like “Salvation” to “Night Bus”, Aplin has shown the world she can flex singing muscles of piano ballad to addictive pop anthem. “My Mistake” is the new release we have been waiting for.

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Acoustic · Indie · Indie Pop


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